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We Repair Rafts

We repair most all types of inflatables. Just give us a call. We have complete repair facilities and offer a quick turnaround on all repairs. We also repair competitor's rafts.


Inline Waterpark Rafts

 WP2 - click for larger image
2 Person

WP3 - click for larger image
3 Person

WP4 - click for larger image
4 Person


Inline Waterpark Rafts

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WP4 - 4 Person Inline Raft
WP4 - 4 Person Raft

WP3K - 3 Person Inline Raft
WP3K-3 Person Raft

WP4 - 4 Person Raft

WP3R - 3 Person Inline Raft
WP3R-3 Person Raft

Heavy-Duty Waterpark Rafts: Inline waterpark rafts are made in USA and available in 2, 3 & 4 person sizes. Each model is also available in multiple configurations depending on your requirements. We offer the rafts in standard sizes suitable for most slide installations. However, if you require a special size or configuration we will manufacture it for you.

Colors:  Rafts are available in a wide variety of colors. You can choose a single color or mix and match any color combination. You can also add different floor and handle color combinations to match your park theme.Raft Colors

Quality Construction: Zebec rafts are completely made in our own USA facility. Rafts are constructed with welded seams (not glued) and then each seam is reinforced with extra seam tape. This construction provides a positive seam seal every time.

Incredibly Strong Fabric: All Zebec Rafts are made with heavy-duty, reinforced fabric that is incredibly strong and durable. This super tough fabric provides a rugged, dependable raft that you can count on.

Double Thick Bottoms: Raft bottoms are constructed with two layers of reinforced fabric and thick closed cell padding for extra durability and comfort. Rafts can be ordered with or without a self-bailing floor.

Webbing Strap Handles: Rafts include heavy-duty individual webbing strap handles.

Protective Wear Strip: Rafts include a wide wear strip which completely encircles the raft to protect sides from rough slide surfaces.

Lifetime Seam Warranty: All Zebec Rafts carry a Lifetime Warranty on all air holding seams. If a seam ever fails, simple return it to us. We will repair or replace the raft at no charge.

Options: Since we manufacture rafts in our own facility we can provide custom options on any order. Some of the options include: Color Selection - just about any color your need; Seat Dividers - raft with or without dividers; Handles - change number of handles or add special webbing colors; Wear Protection - add extra reinforcement to prevent wear from trouble spots on your slide; Custom Logo printing available.

Custom Designs: We make custom products for many of our customers and we can do the same for you. We can work with you to design and manufacture just about anything you need.

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