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Foam Slide Mats


Mats That Last Longer: Zebec Racer Mats and Flat Foam Slide Mats are constructed with a super strong foam material that lasts longer and performs better than other materials. Unlike other mat materials, Zebec mats do not tear easily. Many customers tell us that while using other mat materials, park patrons pick at the mats while waiting in line. We have even heard about park personnel finding large bite marks on their mats. After a season of "picking" and normal wear, most mats made with other materials are destroyed. Zebec mats are made with a dense closed-cell foam material that is extremely tough and durable. Since the mats are stronger, Zebec mats give you a much longer service life.

No Laminations: Although each side of the mats have different textures, Racer Mats and Flat Foam Slide Mats are made as an integrated, single piece of material. There are no laminations to peel away.

Head-First Racer Mats

Flat Foam Slide Mats

MR53 Head-First Racer Mat

MR-53 Head-First Racer Mat

MF48 Flat Foam Slide Mat
MF-48 Flat Foam Slide Mat

Head-First Mat: Zebec Racer Mats are made in USA with super tough foam and extremely strong handles which are far superior than other materials. Handle configuration is designed for a comfortable fit and easy assembly.

No Assembly Required: As an added service we deliver racer mats completely assembled and ready to use on all shipments within the USA, Canada and Mexico. International orders are shipped unassembled to lower your shipping cost.

Flat Mats: Available in 5 different colors:

MF-48LB - Light Blue
MF-48LP - Light Purple
MF-48LG - Light Green
MF-48P - Pink
MF-48O - Orange

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